Danusha ™ – by Deborah Holowka – an Energy & Art Experience
"Deborah [Holowka] has a remarkable talent of pulling forth the ethereal and delicate to the forefront of her physical, gestural style. A dynamic colorist, she reminds us of the intricate and essential relationships between the empirical and intangible."

Tanya Slingsby - Artist



Deborah Holowka is a Vancouver-based artist. She has traveled the globe extensively and has developed an interest in examining if feelings and reactions unite across cultures and geographies.

Danusha artist: Deborah HolowkaHer bodies of work have been influenced by a no fear attitude. Through her signature practice known as
Danusha™ an Energy & Art Experience, she uses art as a vehicle to personify the energy she captures from her subject matter.

In her abstract paintings, Holowka uses rich textures, layers, and bold colours to convey her life passions.

She works with oils and acrylics on canvas, fibreboard, multimedia board and aluminium. Her work involves techniques such as scraping back, scoring and masking.

To accentuate colours in between paint layers, Holowka uses a method known as scumbling which allows for a soft merging of colour through optical (viewer) blending. Tools are wide-ranging from artist painting knives and brushes to large household painting brushes and construction drywall knives.

Holowka is inspired by the energy of people, places, and things – their beauty and power – and attaching a voice to that energy through her abstract creations. Danusha is Deborah’s Ukrainian name and is also the name she uses to sign her paintings. Her work has been commissioned and sold internationally.


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